Kansas Shorthorn Association


Steer Veification Certificates

Steer verification certificates are available through the Kansas Shorthorn Association.  These certificates verify steer pedigree and are accepted only within the state of Kansas. 

Please remember that registering a calf through the American Shorthorn Association on TOC is $15/head and WHR is FREE if your cow is active on your herd inventory.

Steers must be 50% shorthorn or more to be verified and shown as a Shorthorn Plus.

Member price: $25/certificate

Non Member price: $50/certificate.

Dues must be current to receive the member price and dues are due January 1 and are valid from January to January.  Certificates will be mailed upon receipt of payment.


Please Mail Payment to:

Kansas Shorthorn Association

43 Arrowhead Rd

Inman, KS  67546



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