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3 Spring Bred Heifers
  • 3 Spring Bred Heifers

    Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus bred daughters of the popular Ash Valley Pressbreaker 9734. Bred to low birthweight Loving Farms ShorthornPlus Capitalist son. Located in Esbon, KS.


    These Pressbreaker daughters have been really good. Our cow herd is a little higher growth and Pressbreaker brings in the calving ease and style for some really nice, balanced calves. The only Pressbreaker heifer that has sold was the top-seller at Loving Farms 2023 sale at $3500. 


    x4345265: I didn't plan on selling her but we just have too many good ones ahead of her. She's going to carry some frame, but out of the super productive Lucy family. She was born in a snowstorm but has never had a slow day in her life. She lost ear tips and tails, but you won't easily lose track of her. $2750


    xAR4345275: I really like this heifer out of an ultra-productive black ShorthornPlus Lucy cow. She is going to be a powerful cow like her mom. $3000


    x4345281: Calving ease on calving ease. Out of a Keith Lauer cow who has been a solid cow since the day we brought her home. Super maternal and a great track record on her. $2750




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      Nick & Kristin Mizner

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